Escort for couples

Many couples come here who seek help in setting the spark back in their sex lives. Some fantasize of having sex with a third person, and with High Standards they came to the right place for it. We usually refer them to our bisexual or bicurious escorts. If your partner prefers to observe while the other gets pampered by one of our escorts, that is a possibility too…

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The possibilities are endless

The services provided by our ladies can be as close as you like to fulfilling your dreams. Naughty or nice, something planned or something new. Looking for something a little different, how about going for a:

Threesome with an escort lady

A fantasy for many couples out there. Try experiencing what it is like to have sex three at a time, and with someone who is experienced and great at setting the right mood for the two of you. She knows how to bring an exciting game into your relationship, making the highlight of your night.

Prostate massage

For men who have experienced this before, they can probably claim that a prostate massage is one of the most erotically satisfying things a man can experience. Massaging the prostate is another type of stimulation that can lead to a super intense orgasm. Try it out as a couple with one of our escort ladies for a romantic evening with an ultimately wild climax.

Tantra massage

More than your average massage, a tantra massage is not something you enjoy superficially. It’s spiritual undertones mixed with huge waves of erotic sensations is what makes tantra more special than any other messages out there. This method is also a great way to build upon the love that already coexists, and raising it to a much higher level. Curious to know how it will end?

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What erotic fantasies do you have?

For all your erotic fantasies, our ladies would like to fulfil them as much as possible. Unless you seek the impossible, most things can always be negotiable. The limit is really your imagination and we are here to grant all your wishes that are within our capacity. Let us know what you fantasize about.

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