Dinner date

About to have dinner at an exquisite restaurant but have no one by your side? Whether it is business or casual, having a pleasant companion at dinner is always nice. For a good conversation, talking ear-to-ear, seeing the candle light in her sultry eyes. Our ladies know best what you need. Never dine alone, choose a nice companion, get to know someone new and have a wonderful dinner date.

Business Dinner Date

Are you about to have a business appointment and wish to not show up empty handed? Want to surprise others with a dazzling woman at your side? A lady who adapts to the situation, makes you feel at ease, and knows how to say just the right things to impress your table companions?

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Private Dinner Date

Looking for something a little more intimate? Perhaps ending with a special dessert? That’s always a possibility with a dinner date. A nice private meeting with your special chosen lady to indulge in delicious food and conversations with, and later maybe something more.

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After Dinner

So what happens after dinner? You do not need to always have it planned. If you fancy a continuation, that is always possible. However do keep us informed of your decisions along the day, so that your companion can also be prepared to fulfil your wishes as optimal as possible. Preferably, we kindly ask you to send us your questions before you choose your companion if possible. So things can proceed much smoother during the date itself.

Extra Options

The ladies of High Standards are escorts of many trades. Would you like to end the dinner date with something more special? We recommend you to combine these services with your dinner date: (Sex with dinner date, Girlfriend experience, Erotische Massage, BDSM, Threesome)

If you cannot make up your mind, or if you are interested to know what other possibilities exists surrounding the dinner date, we are more than happy to help.

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