Tantra massage

Feel the sexual energy pass through your entire body as you relax to a liberating sensual massage. Although an orgasm is not the goal of a tantra massage, it can be a surprising feature as it tends to be more intense than what you would experience normally. Try out this erotic spiritual journey now.

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Delaying your orgasm

A tantra massage begins at your back. The masseuse loosens all the tensions on your back and subsequently, the rest of the body is also explored. When her hands glide all over your erogenous zones, you won’t be able to hold back the excitement. When you think that you´re about to have an orgasm, well… think again!

Erotic rollercoaster

This experience is like a rollercoaster, with many sexual peaks. For every peak, you will not reach an orgasm, but instead work each time very close to it. When you and your escort are ready, she will lead you into the final ultimate climax…

Tantric experience

Your erogenous zones are given very special attention during this kind of massage. Through a tantra massage you will get to know more about your body, your tolerances, and a deeper awareness of your inner sexual drive. Have a go with this massage and try the tantric experience.

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Lingam massage

In a lingam massage, the focus is mainly at your genitals. Lingam means penis in Sanskrit so basically, this is a penis massage.

Yoni massage

You can enjoy our tantra massage almost everywhere throughout the southern and western regions of the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam to Breda, Eindhoven and Den Bosch.