Erotic massage – also for couples

A massage is always wonderful, but an erotic one is even more satisfying. Warm oil and sensual body parts gliding over your naked body. That is something a normal masseuse would never do! As a man or a woman, you can truly enjoy this experience. Even as a couple, you can experience this together. We have the masseuses that will be happy to please all your needs.
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Ultimate satisfaction

The hands going over your body, subtly alongside your erogenous zones and slowly stimulating your body further and further. It always starts off with massage techniques that you are probably familiar with, and then slowly transitions into sensual motions with the climax being postponed for as long as possible. It is really for you to indulge as much as you can in an erotic experience.

For women

Be in touch with your femininity and sexuality. A massage for women is very different in style and technique than for men. You can indulge in the feeling of being massaged by another woman. Feel her warm feminine hands smoothing oil over your entire naked body, and especially in those lovely spots that makes you tingle with excitement.
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For couples

Want to get a massage as a couple? Go for it. Take turns and observe each other at the same time. See how your partner is enjoying himself/herself as the masseuse touches those intimate spots. Feel the heat rise and experience the magic of massage in the making. An erotic massage is a great combination to add into your fun evening as a couple. Try going for that spectacular ending, maybe with the masseuse too…

Body-to-body, tantra or prostate massage

Erotic massages can come in many variations. In addition to the purely erotic massage, at High Standards you can also go for:

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You can enjoy our erotic massages almost everywhere throughout the southern and western regions of the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam to Breda, Eindhoven and Den Bosch.