Erotic massages

Our erotic massage is a blend of sensual relaxation and exploration. Let her hands travel all over your body, or perhaps even more than just her hands. Body to body, the masseuse will stroke all over you and your pleasure zones, pressing just the right buttons of your desires. Why don’t you give it a try? It may be an entrancing experience leaving you yearning for more.

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An unforgettable experience

An erotic massage is not your average massage, but something far more extraordinary. We provide you with the art of titillation. As she caresses your erotic zones, and stimulating spots you never thought could be stimulated, you know you are in for a treat. Our services are guaranteed to make you quiver with delight, leaving you with an unforgettable experience.

Body-to- Body-, Tantra-, or Prostate massage

From High Standards, you have a choice out of four assorted massages:

Each massage works upon a different type of erotic satisfaction. What are you into?

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De erotische massages bij High Standards zijn niet enkel voorbehouden aan mannen. Onze masseuse weten maar al te goed welke plekjes bij vrouwen tot genot leiden. Geef je over aan de kundige handen van de masseuse en geniet van supervrouwelijke intimiteit.

Voor koppels

Beide genieten van een erotische massage en daarna samen verder genieten van elkaar? Of geniet je ervan om je partner te zien genieten? Kies een van de erotische massages om als koppel een bijzondere avond te beleven.

Feel the art of titillation over your entire body

The erotic massage goes far beyond only stimulating body parts. It is about stimulating the sensation of the mind and body. At a tranquil state of mind, you can feel the different stages of ecstasy flow throughout your body, and experience an intense arousal like never before.

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